Roller Coaster month

So many things happen during this couple months and i feel like i’m riding on roller coaster.

  • Last month we had a short ziarah trip to Purwokerto. I haven’t yet write any story about it (except about the birthday in Dieng) since it will be too mengaduk-aduk hati to write.
  • And a few days before the trip i receive emails about i winning Asus Blog Competition on June as Juara 3 Series PC all in one (Alhamdulillah). And this week i received the PC my self (with A of course). It’s still “empty”. I mean really empty because there only DOS in it haha. And Abang failed to fill Linux to it.
  • Last week we also have short picnic in Taman Tebet and meet Kaysan! Those meet up of course add so many list about post i haven’t write! XD

  • By the end of this month Insya Allah Abang will leave us to go Hajj with Ummi. I know this is not the first time we will have long distance since we used to have Jakarta-Halmahera every five weeks about three years ago, but this time is (of course) totally different.  I will be with A for about 40 days and i don’t know whether during those distance time he will have time to chat with us or not. But i really really hope and pray we can gather together again in Jakarta all safely and healthily. Aamiin.
  • I guess i need a lot of time to write. So many things to write but less time during laundry and playing time with A hihi. And i should remember that i’ll miss this time when A grow up :’).
  • Oh ya, our big family have one day photoshoot. I’ll tell you later about the photo session and reviewing the photographer insya Allah. Aamiin.

I hope i can write more and more to make my day happier and remember to always be thankful day by day.

Notes: pegel juga ya nulis pake bahasa Inggris, kek gini mau gegayaan ngomong bahasa Inggris di rumah +_+



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